21 Day Fix Review

The 21 Day Fix for me helped me in so many ways, when I started the program it was 10 months after my head injury. My body was in so much pain on a daily basis I started to forget how else to feel, I floated through my days. I was going to the chiropractor 2 days a week, which was a plus because it used to be 3 days a week. Exercise for those 10 months was impossible the head injury affected my everything, my spine was a train wreck and healed completely twisted – movement was not my friend. I was in constant pain and brain fog but I was also desperate to get myself back, naturally not from medication.

Everyone I knew was doing the 21 Day Fix it had just been released, so I figured I would try but everything had to be modified – actually the 1st 2 rounds I could only do the Yoga and Pilates, and yes my chiropractor did approve me to try it. In my 3rd round I did the complete program but with no weights. I have always been very aware of my nutrition the other reason why I loved this program is because it is based off your nutrition it actually made me eat more than I was used to – but it was a more balanced way to eat.

After my 1st round I lost 7” and 4.5lbs, and remember I was eating more. My 2nd round I did gain 2.5” and 2.5lbs back but that was all my muscle tone I had lost. My 3rd round I gained more muscle tone than I had in round 2, everything was starting to get better and I lost 2 more inches and a few more pounds the right way, the healthy way.

If anyone ever tells me the 21 Day Fix is too hard or they can’t do it, I really want them to look at the struggles I went through – if I can modify and push myself to find myself again you can too!!