Healthier Home

If you have read my website or my book then you already know I have been an organic momma even before I was a momma. I became overly particular about how I cleaned my home after my daughter was born. At the young age of 2 she was diagnosed asthmatic, prior to the diagnosis we would spend many nights not able to breathe either in steam rooms or pacing the outside on crisp nights. I am not an advocate for medications I always try to find a home remedy first but when your child is unable to tell you what is wrong and you cannot fix her breathing you do resort to inhalers.
I have fixed everything in my older home to make sure nothing in our living environment was causing her asthma. Her asthma first occurred when we lived out of state, but even when we moved back home it would still rear its ugly head around the change of seasons. We made sure to clean all the air ducts, took out carpeting, and I do not use chemical cleaners I have always made my own cleaners with natural ingredients and essential oils.
So being a Norwex consultant should make more sense to you, one of the last things I have changed in my home is the towels and sponges – the items we use when we clean not only our house but also us.
The thing about Norwex is it is unlike cotton; traditional cotton pushes particles around, spreading dirt into surface crevices leaving it moist and unclean. Norwex microfiber lifts and collects particles, when used dry it produces an electrostatic charge that attracts even the smallest particles of dirt leaving surfaces clean. Norwex antibac also self purifies, microsilver is woven into the cloths providing a natural microbial and bacteria fighting agent allowing the cloth to self clean as it dries.
Did you know the typical American home contains 3 – 10 gallons of toxic materials! In the form of about 60 different kinds of hazardous household cleaning products, which are linked to many different forms of disease and cancer. With Norwex products you don’t breathe, touch or ingest harmful chemicals. You simply utilize water and create a cleaner, healthier environment in which you and your family live.
Click the link to see all of Norwex products, what toxic product do you think you would replace first?
Clean with a purpose!
Have a blessed day,