Home & Fitness Programs

I was you! I thought I ate healthy, I thought I was educated with nutrition and fitness, I thought I was raising a healthy family. I had an injury that I thought I would bounce back from. I wasn’t bouncing back – my big question WHY?? And what can I do to change this? Maybe I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was.

I work at a school and I was heading into summer and school was ending, which meant no more paychecks. I needed to be healthy for my family, so we could have a fun summer. How could I spend money on me and not save for my family? I soon realized I was saving for my family, by making myself healthy and them as well. We are now setting ourselves up for a healthy life.

This is NOT a gimmick or diet, it IS a program based on 30 minute workouts at home, healthy eating with portion control (NO pre-packaged meals you have to buy), and support and accountability from amazing women who have been through the same struggles. All done in the comfort of your own home because time with family is precious and meeting your goals should not be stressful or cost ridiculous amounts of money on gimmicks and supplements. We need to NOT put ourselves last, we need to be healthy for our families and by doing that we make our families healthier!!

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle!

Have a blessed day!