PiYo Review

PiYo I love, love, love PiYo!! I bought PiYo as soon as it came out. This program was right up my alley, when I started the program it was a little over a year after my head injury. My body was in so much pain on a daily basis I started to forget how else to feel, I floated through my days. I was going to the chiropractor 2 days a week, which was a plus because it used to be 3 days a week. Exercise for that year was impossible the head injury affected my everything, my spine was a train wreck and healed completely twisted – movement was not my friend. I was in constant pain and brain fog but I was also desperate to get myself back, naturally not from medication. With all the continued pain I was in from my head injury this was something I knew could help me!

Now so you know it is not easy – exercise isn’t meant to be easy but it sure did feel good to be able to see progress in my stretching. I could not reach my toes when I started actually truth be told all my flexibility was gone I could bend and reach my knees that was about it.

My first 30 days in I didn’t lose anything – I was playing with my nutrition trying to mix the 21 Day Fix containers in with the eating program of PiYo and cheating here and there. You cannot say a program does not work when you do not follow the program, you need to follow and I guarantee you, you will see results!

I gained so much flexibility it helped me start to repair what I had lost from that head injury; between PiYo and my chiro I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel! This is still my go to routine, and I can finally flow through the workout - Chalene will kick your butt, and that is a good thing! I know you will love PiYo as much as I do!