Shakeology Review

As I sit here having my morning Shakeology I realized if you have followed me and read my website I have given you the facts about Shakeology but not why I started drinking it. Most people I know see me as a very healthy person. I have raised my family organically way before an organic lifestyle was in stores and other households. I was seen as odd for the way I ate and purchased products. So why do I need to drink something daily that is marketed as a product for people that are not eating healthy and may be overweight?

I see Shakeology as something more than a product that can help you loose weight. Our food supply the past 50+ years has deteriorated, we all see it even if we don’t want to. We are guinea pigs in grocery stores, you can purchase items that are GMO’s but are not labeled clearly, you can purchase products that look healthy and are labeled that way but the ingredients are nothing but chemicals. Our fast paced lives make feeding our families healthy very hard. If you do not have time to cook organic from scratch healthy meals for your family we are set up to not get the nutrition we need daily. I do buy into an organic farm for my local vegetables so my purchases at the grocery store is minimal but expensive. I do cook from scratch; I enjoy it but need to make meals simple because we as most do live a busy life. But even with everything I do to keep my family healthy I still do not get all the vitamins and minerals I need throughout the day so therefore I know my family isn’t, my friends aren’t, and you reading this probably isn’t. Starting my day with Shakeology gives me the protein I need to start my day and so much more. This is to me the best super-food, a lot of the vitamins and minerals in my diet are hard for me to keep up on – Shakeology makes it easy!

Can you loose weight with Shakeology – absolutely! When you take out the bad and put in the good you will see your body change, your body will be able to utilize what you are eating verse not sure what you are eating and turning it into fat for future use. I have drunk Shakeology daily since June 2014 and since that time there was 3 days that when we were on vacation I didn’t drink Shakeology, I didn’t feel good and I ate terribly. Yes Shakeology actually helps with my cravings also. When you crave bad food there is a reason – you are lacking nutrients – read my book on that!

Now Shakeology even goes on vacation with me – and yes people think I’m crazy because I bring my water from home too. Most people when they go on vacation they come back not feeling well. And can never pin point why, was it eating out every meal, bad meal choices, the water change, all the above – who knows but not me anymore! I truly love Shakeology and suggest it as a part of your daily diet. Any questions message me!