Summit Review


What is Summit?  


Technically Summit is an event by Beachbody founder Carl Diekler, where he invites all his trainers to do live workouts and motivational speeches. He also invites the companies’ top coaches to speak about their experiences in the company and help motivate others in building their businesses. But it is so much more than that…Summit to me is about opening my mind to different ideas, getting completely out of my comfort zone. Walking amongst thousands of people and starting conversations with some. When I say thousands you may think I’m exaggerating, well this year we were 25,000 strong! Working out with those same thousands to the trainers you usually only see on your television – and you think those trainers are motivation on DVD just wait till you see them live. They are just like you and me but they never look back – they always look forward and they know and want you to know it’s ok to fall because you can pick YOU back up!


Summit to me helps me gain confidence every year I go. I do not live a big life where my family can drop everything and go on lavish vacations, but I know I am on a path my Lord has set for me and to continue on that path I go to Summit even when I think financially I shouldn’t – that I shouldn’t is doubt creeping in and I won’t let doubt and fear control me any longer!

So now you ask well then how do you make Summit happen? Summit is held in the summertime, I work in a school so my paychecks end and I have no income coming in. I plan for months trying to figure out the most economical way to go but at the same time make it a family vacation for everyone to enjoy. So even though Summit is 3 days we stay 7 days. You may think this is not economical at all but for my family it is. The last 2 Summits were held in Nashville, Tennessee, we have family and friends out there so we make sure to make time to visit and see some parts of the city most others may not. We may not sleep very much on this vacation but we see parts of this country we may not ever have. We pack as much in as possible and even find time to golf and enjoy the beauty of this world that God has created.


So you may ask why I am glad I make going to Summit a vacation every year, it is because of the empowerment these speakers give me. A confidence in finding myself in this huge world of ours; knowing that I do matter and I was put here to help others know that they matter too! It’s about showing my daughter that when you want something you do it; nothing holds you back. Self-improvement is a good thing to continue working on; we need to push ourselves to continue on the path we are meant to be on – no one will do it for us, we need to do it!


I have more confidence today then I did yesterday! And I received an extra bonus – so much family time that was well needed and overly deserved! We work so hard as humans mostly for someone else’s vision and not our own. I have chosen to be a first rate version of myself! This Summit to me is priceless!





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