Bella Vita Deodorant

Deodorant, why in the world would you try to make deodorant?? Because as I said I have extremely sensitive skin – for years I have only bought “organic” deodorants. But even with the organic seal there are foreign ingredients to me in them and for what ever reason I would have massive reactions. It got so bad that I literally was using my lotion as my deodorant so I figured ok, I healed the skin reactions and my lotion is working so maybe I go the next step and make deodorant. Every time I made a new scent my family tried them. Everyone has his or her favorites and bottom line is it works!

If you have used any of the deodorants on the market switching to something natural and real will take some time to get used to. Your body is meant to sweat most deodorants clog your pores and trap toxins the opposite of what our bodies are meant to do. You may sweat more at first but do not give up your body is on the right track and getting rid of the toxins it needs to! Do I still sweat – yes at times like when I am exercising or in extreme heat – this is normal our bodies need to breathe! Now do I stink – NO! I try extremely hard not to put toxins in my body or on my skin – we breathe enough daily in our world.