Did You Know

Did you know?

How do you like that question?

Does it make you feel like –

Yes I did know!

No I didn’t know please tell me more!


No and your making me uncomfortable to read on because maybe I should know….

Me, I love that question for all the above reasons!

So let me ask you it this way instead…

Do you feel overwhelmed when you are trying to gain knowledge and every where you look someone explains it differently?

For example: one day eggs are good for you, one day just egg whites are good for you, the next day no way eggs are good for you!?

Or the wording all-natural shows up on every product you look at?

Marketing in this country has made buying extremely difficult where we as consumers just fold and explain it away as eating and using good for you products are to expensive and hard to find.

To me it isn’t and shouldn’t be that difficult.

To me if it needs a label to tell you it is good for you – it probably isn’t.

Look at your produce section – is there any labels or fancy packaging? For the most part no, unless it is a GMO produce and even then they don’t want you to know so you need to look at the fancy new name or product code.

I make things simple on myself if God didn’t intend it to be here, then maybe I shouldn’t use it.

In the pull-down menus below you will see how I shop, I will never say I am perfect but I research a lot and try to make things easy on myself and hope I can help you as well.

Check back often to this section as I find things I will share them here.

Have a blessed day!