Money Saving Sites

I don’t know about you but when I go shopping there are not many things that I buy that have coupons anymore. So I have found different programs to help pay me back for my loyal purchases. The first one is an app on my phone called IbottaIbotta is an app I check every time I go shopping, whether its at the grocery store or any other store. Most of the time the grocery store will have online coupons that once you purchase you can scan your receipt and it will find the purchases that match, sometimes you need to scan the barcode and that’s it money put in an account until you are ready to have it sent to your Paypal account. There are other stores too, not only grocery stores that when you scan your receipt will accumulate cash back!

Another app I use all the time is Shopkick, if I am going to be going shopping I check Shopkick to see if there is anywhere I can accumulate kicks. You can do this by scanning items in the stores or purchasing items that then you will scan your receipt or connect your credit card for extra kicks of items you purchase. In that case some match $1 to $1! So what are kicks? Kicks are points you accumulate and over time you can use them to redeem gift cards – again a way of being paid back and getting some of your next purchases for free!

So, these are apps I use on my phone – you can click the links I attached and create your account online and it will send you the app on your smart phone, so while you are online creating those accounts I will tell you the online company I check with every time I am going to make a purchase. It’s Ebates, have you heard of Ebates? This site is great because it offers you a percentage of your purchases back every time you buy from the lengthy list of companies. And the way Ebates works is they pay you by check every quarter! They sometimes have double cash back stores so if you know you will be purchasing online it is always best to check Ebates to see what percentages are offered and they will help you find online coupon codes too!

These sites to me are a no-brainer! The cost of living is always rising and if we can find a way to save a few dollars or get paid back for shopping I am all for it! Click the links and sign up it is that simple!!

When you click the link for Ebates after your 1st purchase you will receive $10 welcome bonus!

When you click the Ibotta link or download the Ibotta app with this referral code : AKKIUPC after you redeem your 1st purchase you will receive $10 in your account!

When you click this Shopkick link or download the Shopkick app with this referral code : SAVE765023 after your 1st walk in or scan (within 7 days) you will get an extra 250 kicks!

Happy shopping!