Food I Buy

I do purchase some products from our local grocery store and specialty stores that are in containers. It is hard to get away from this completely but I do try my best. I am mindful as to packaging and if I have to purchase something in a package I make sure things are not individually wrapped. Yes this may make life easier but I always think of our environment first and try to purchase things in as little plastic as possible.

When doing this I am very picky as to what I purchase and am saddened when something that is a staple in my cupboard is taken off the shelves.

So I realize some things I may use may not be available to everyone this is where I have found Thrive. I am not one to purchase from the Internet, if I can find something locally I will but depending on where you live and what stores are available to you, you may have no choice but to look online.

If you click this link you will receive 20% off your first 3 orders! 

Happy shopping!