Local Organic Farm

I cannot stress enough how important it is to buy from our local organic farmers. We need to go back to where it all began. These farmers take pride in their crops and animals; they treat them as their own and raise them properly. They take pride in their land and don’t depend on chemicals to make things grow faster.

When you buy into a farm you will get produce that comes by the season some items you may have never used or heard of but you will soon realize how amazing they are and be grateful for being opened to trying them.

Most local organic farms will also invite their members to you picks where you are a able to pick all of the end of the season fruits or veggies for free. This is because there is not enough to put in the final shares and they do not like to waste the beautiful fruits and vegetables they may have left. You will be able to view the farm you are purchasing from and you will be able to see how they care for and create the wonderful food they are offering to you.

The farm I buy into also holds an annual potluck dinner for all of their members to share recipes and meals each of us have created with their produce and pick pumpkins together.

I encourage you to look into your area and find a local organic farm to purchase your fruits, vegetables, and even if you chose meats and dairy products.

Buy local and give back to your community, help reduce your carbon footprint as best we can!

Happy shopping!