Nutrition and Fitness

How do you feel about your personal nutrition and fitness goals?

Do you plan every year to get into a routine and stick to it but before you know it, it’s March and you feel you are worse than you were in December?

Do you sign up for a membership to a gym, class or a farm share and because you aren’t utilizing it you cancel?

We all have been there; you are not alone! We are human and are not and will never be perfect! If you get into these funks the first thing to tell yourself is it is ok and now find a way that helps you get back on track.

For nutrition don’t be afraid of trying new things, don’t give up on say a farm share because you get vegetables you have no idea how to use – instead look up the vegetable find out how others use it, some of the strangest vegetables may become your favorites.

Don’t get wrapped up into fad diets anything in moderation is ok but anything drastic can confuse the body and cause the body harm. Our bodies are amazing and need many different things to function on. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information available now a days on what to eat, it can be very confusing. American diets are too high in sugar and our portions are too large, start there and keep it simple: what we need to stay healthy is a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts and omega 3 fatty acids.

I read a quote once “Your body will wear a frown, if your meal is all brown.” Be the artist of your meals. I love that and try to stick to this theory!

Now let’s talk about fitness, right now there is a fitness center of some sort on every corner. You can go to a class, you can hire a personal trainer, you can follow workout videos, you can make up your own routines, or you can take up competitive running or biking.

The important thing is you find something you love and stick to it, you will be less likely to give up on it. If you are going somewhere you need to make sure you can fit their hours into your daily schedule, because that’s fitness it should be done daily. If you buy into a program for at home use you have to show up – you have to push play! I hear way too often about a lot of different exercise whether it’s a gym or at home workout – it didn’t work, but the true question as to why it didn’t work is did you show up to do it, did you put your all into it?

You need to look at it as “Me Time” and don’t feel selfish – it’s in the word time! It is ok to have say an hour a day to “ME”.

Exercise is not meant only to make you look better – you need nutrition alignment with that. But its to make you feel better, helps you de-stress, boosts your mood, improves your sleep quality, improves your oxygen intake, detoxifies your body, boosts the immune system, reduces cancer and increases life expectancy along with all the other well known benefits like reducing body fat, strengthening muscles, reducing chronic pain, reducing diabetes risks, strengthening the heart, clearing arteries, strengthening bones, lowering blood pressure, improving coordination, maintaining mobility, improving the memory, and it also improves your complexion and wards off virus’.

Do you need any more reasons why you should make exercise a part of your day?

I have tried many different things in my lifetime, my go to is biking and I love to walk it clears my head but with our climates this cannot be year round. So, because of the busy lifestyle I live I need to workout at home. You will see what I chose to do and what works for me in the following sections.

What do you love?

What works for you?

Have a blessed day!