Bella Vita Lip Balm

This creation came from my daughter. Lip balms are definitely marketed to young girls with all the flavors and new colors. So again while reading labels is my thing I found myself always saying no to her, her response to me was then can you make them….why yes I can! So she is the creator of all the flavors and I created the recipe.

You will notice with our lip balm it lasts forever! It does not have alcohol like most lip balms so you won’t need to apply as often or get drier cracked lips from wearing it. But you will love it so much you will reapply for the flavor and smoothness to your lips. Many people tell me they buy multiple flavors so they have one with them everywhere they go, purse, car, gym bag, vanity, etc.

The main ingredient is beeswax so it will last through the seasons, but please be careful to not leave it in your pockets before you wash your clothes!