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Bella Vita Cares is an all-natural organic skincare line created by a Western New York organic Momma. Andréa started on this venture into skincare products because she started having reactions to everything on the market even some organic products. In raising her family she knew she didn’t want to use these products on them if they were causing her skin reactions that included burns.

Her first product she created was her Emaway Salve, which is a healing salve that will heal the smallest cuts too the most severe burns. If used daily you will not scar by using Emaway Salve. And always remember a little goes a long way but reapplying a few times a day is a must for the body to heal.

Her next product was her Body Lotion, again this lotion will heal all dry skin and is safe enough to use on your face and makes your feet the softest they have ever been. It is a lotion that she uses from head to toe! Same theory applies, a little goes a long way and it may seem oily at first but keep rubbing and you will feel your body soak in all the goodness!

At this point in her creations she was unable to use any deodorant on the market, she resorted to the lotion for her daily protection so needed to figure out how to make a deodorant that actually worked and did not harm the body. Now her deodorant line is ever growing, as of today there are 5 kinds to choose from Rosabella and Cucumber Melon are for women with sensitive skin as it does not have baking soda, but if you do not have sensitive skin and sweat a little more than most you may opt for the Lavender, or Patchouli. She also created one for the men that she calls Hero and has a more manly smell that both men and women love, although the men also like the Lavender and Patchouli – it is all what you prefer!

Now deodorant is a funny product because of how it has been made for decades, our bodies were made to sweat, but the smell comes from bacteria that can be managed through a cleaner diet. If we do not sweat that means our pores are not breathing and that bacteria can be trapped in our bodies and cause more harm than good. So when switching from an over the counter deodorant to a more natural deodorant know you will go through a sweat phase because your body is finally able to breath! Do not stop though, if you are eating a fairly clean diet this phase will not last long, if it does you may want to read Andréa’s book to ease into a cleaner diet the healthy and easier way.

As Andréa’s daughter was growing up and as most girls were being tempted by all the beautifully packaged lip balms on the market they would talk about ingredients and how some are not safe to have on your lips. So when her daughter asked her to create her own she jumped at the idea! Every winter the flavors change to what her daughter has requested, they usually make 6 different flavors every winter but they are made in the summer as well for all the runners and beach/sun lovers that need to protect their lips all year long.

Because of Andréa’s love for the sun but not a love for the sun protection products on the market she also has created a product to apply prior, during and after sun exposure. One is a lotion that she will tell you multiple times to reapply after a few hours and after being in the water. Most of us think we can apply once and be fine but in our ever-changing environment that is not true and we need to reapply to stay safe in the sun. When applying please make sure that it is completely absorbed before heading outside! Even though we love our tank tops and strapless dresses we still need to be aware of our skin and cover up in the strong heat in the summer months that we have been experiencing. 

To go along with her love for the sun she created an after sun spray to use whether you have been burned or not, again we need to protect our skin and can do this by applying this spray everyday after sun exposure.

Andréa also has a love of exercise and sometimes after a good workout she needs something to refresh herself and has created a Rose Mist Toner that not only can be used after a good workout but she found that this is a great relaxant before laying down to sleep.

You can read more about Andréa’s Bella Vita Cares products on her website and see her love for everything natural not only skincare products but also food and exercise as well. Her book is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Please like Bella Vita Cares on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for emails on her website for everything new that will be coming out soon at

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