Here’s Mine…

My WHY…. The reason why I was put on this earth has always been my Daughter, but my story may be a bit different. I have always been an organic Momma even prior to being a Momma. When I found out I was pregnant, the following day I was told I lost a possible twin and a few weeks after that was told I was stage 4 cancer. My pregnancy was beyond a roller coaster. It seemed like every time I went to a Doctor they didn’t have much faith that either or both of us would survive. I honestly had to just go to the appointments and not think of what they were telling me or weren’t telling me. I prayed everyday, multiple times a day. I blessed myself daily in prayer with holy water from Fatima. Well, Here we are and my beautiful girl is almost graduating high school! I had a lot of my family and friends that thought my eating habits and the way I was choosing to feed my family was crazy. Some had such strong beliefs in thinking I was raising my family wrong in our eating habits that they walked away from us. So yes all these years I have been viewed as the crazy all natural health freak, but honestly I am fine with that now! My family is healthier because of it, and yes I fail and in the past believed in what the food industry was telling us was healthy. But I am smarter than that now and I research everything! Because of our skin allergies I even started making our own skincare products. I have been on this journey a long time now, and hope to help as many people as I can!

Have a blessed day!